The Children's Advocacy Center


  • Forensic Interviewing: The Child Advocacy Center offers safe, neutral, child-friendly environment for children who are suspected  victims of child abuse to be interviewed. 
  • Child Therapy: The Child Advocacy Center has a therapist on site for follow-up treatment after the interview takes place. The therapist will provide counseling services for the victim as long as necessary. 
  • Forensic Evaluations: This service is provided for the Department of Human Resources as well as the District Attorney's office. This is an extended forensic interview taking place once a week from six to ten weeks. A licensed child therapist who has completed the forensic assessment training curriculum conducts the forensic assessment. It is a structured program that has been nationally recognized.
  • Family Advocacy: Support is offered to the non-offending caregivers in indicated child abuse cases. The family advocate serves as a liaison for the family and all involved investigating agencies. The family advocate also provides assistance in helping the family to utilize community resources. This program is limited to the non-offending caregivers who are supportive of the child victim.
  • Team Reviews: Once a month, The Children's Advocacy Center Case Review Team meets at the Children's Advocacy Center here in Cherokee County to discuss the status of all ongoing child abuse cases. Members include: staff here at the CAC, case workers from the Department of Human Resources, a supervisor from DHR, the District Attorney's office, local law enforcement officers and investigators, and a local physician.